Luxurious day in Barcelona, part 1: Driving a Ferrari

– The sound of the engine is an important part of the driving experience, says Henrik (30) and steps on the accelerator pedal. The engine rumbles magnificently, and the speed pushes us back into the soft leather seats. Our luxury day with Drive Me Barcelona has just begun.

Drive Me Barcelona is located in the vicinity of the private club OneOcean Club on the Marina Port Vell. Since 2010 the company has rented sports cars to tourists who desire a holiday experience like no other, often in combination with activities such as a helicopter ride, wellness treatments and gourmet meal.

– We specialise in supercar tours, experiences and corporate events, Marketing and Sales manger Natalia Di Palma says. –  Our clients get the opportunity to drive a Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini and other supercars around the spectacular city and the best roads of Barcelona.

Drive Me Barcelona offers affordable luxury. For 169 euros per person, you can for example get a 40 minute drive in a sports car, followed by 40 minutes of facial. As a bonus, you also get entrance to the private OneOcean Club, so you can enjoy a drink at the bar or a meal in the restaurant with harbor view after the drive.

– Those who are looking for an alternative to Avis and Herzt can rent one of our sports car. We have pick up and drop off service at their hotel, and our service department is available around the clock.

“Can you please stop taking pictures so we can start driving?”

A former Formula 1 Circuit
The red Ferrari California is glistening in the sun when traveling my traveling partner Henrik and I arrive at the harbor this hot August day. Henrik is a mechatronics engineer who previously had his own a BMW Z3. He has driven at the Formula 1 circuit Nürburgring in Germany and Thruxton in England, but this will be his first experience with a Ferrari.
Since his interest for car is stronger than mine, we agree that he gets to drive the Ferrari, and I get the facial massage afterward …

The instructor from Drive Me Barcelona sits down in the passenger seat while I make myself comfortable in the back. Minutes later we are on the road.
The company lets you choose among several different routes. One takes you along the beach, another passes by the famous Sagrada Familia, while a third leads up the mountain to Tibidabo.
However, the route we are driving today takes us up the Montjuic Hill, which gives us a fantastic view of both the harbor and city. During the trip we pass the Olympic facility from 1992 and the old military fort Montjuic. In addition, we are driving on roads that used to be a part of Barcelona’s former Formula 1 Circuit.

This article was made in collaboration with Drive Me Barcelona. All descriptions reflect my own opinion, and the business has had no influence on the content of this review.

We can think of worse ways to spend a day in Barcealona than driving a sports car…
You don’t need to be a huge car addict to have fun in the back of a Ferrari!


The noise of the engine
40 minutes in a sports car goes by quickly. When we finally park in front of OneOcean Club, Henrik confirms the experience lived up to his expectations.

– It was very cool. When we excited the city center the car got plenty of space, and I got to drive it properly. It was fun to really feel the acceleration and put the pedal to the metal! he explains.

The car has a V8 engine, it is physically large and has an extraordinary rumble.
– To feel how the engine pulled and hear the noise was the best part of the whole experience. It was a very good sound, says Henrik.

He had never before driven a car with ceramic brake discs, and was curious whether he would notice a difference or not.
– I did feel the difference. The brakes made more noise than usual and braking effect was good, although one can certainly feel it even better on a racetrack.



My travel partner and I were both very happy with the experience. Next time he would like to drive on the race track, while I am curious to try cruising through the wine region of Penedès or take the coastal road to the village of Stiges. The options are (too) many!

Your money’s worth
Henrik was very pleased with the route Drive Me Barcelona had set up for us.

– It was nice to try driving in the city, but also good that we came quickly out of the center. Up in the hills, I was driving through tunnels with proper reverb where the sound was extra good. It was fun to experience.

Driving on the old Formula 1 circuit was also appreciated.
– It fits well with the concept and is extra fun; you’re driving a sports car, after all, he said.

During most of the drive he and the instructor were chatting about cars and Barcelona.

– The instructor was calm, polite and nice and answered all my technical questions. In addition, he told us a little about all the places we passed, Henrik says. – It seemed like he had good control, so I was confident that he would have said something if I did any mistakes.

Having said goodbye to the instructor, we head towards the pier Port Vell for the next item on the agenda. Both Henrik and I agree that the driving experience was very well organized and worth the cost.
– I certainly think the price is fair considering what you get in return, Henrik says, and adds: – Next time I want to try the Porsche.

Bonus: Tilgang til OneOcean Bar, som ellers bare er åpen for medlemmer. Doorman som åpner døren for deg, lekkert interiør.
As an added bonus, anyone who books an experience with Drive Me Barcelona gets access to the gorgeous OneOcean bar and restaurant, which is otherwise is only open to its members.

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